• Like many crazy projects L’Echappée was conceived on the occasion of a meaningful encounter. During a visit to Belgium in 2013 Frédéric met Renaud and François, two Liege-based young brewers. They got along nicely and quickly discovered a shared passion for fermented drinks. The result was self-evident… They combined their knowledge in the field of fermentation, in which the Valaisans were specialists, and in the field of cereal wort, which was mastered by our brewing experts, in order to create together a perfect beer. The result was a beer that was impeccable to their palate, the result of a wonderful friendship.

    The experimental phase continued for some years during which the recipe was gradually refined until they produced an unfiltered beer of authentic tradition, pure and uncompromising, without the addition of aromas or sugar. Its unique taste is the result of a fermentation arising from yeasts whose secret is only known to the creators. Brewed in our cellars at Martigny, it benefits from Europe’s softest water. Belgian yeast, purest local water, in combination with shared know-how and skills; this is how a chance meeting resulted in a beer full of passion!

    L’Echappée was created to satisfy the taste of beer lovers who appreciate its quality and its perfect blend. It consists of roasted and caramelised barley (90%), wheat to give it lightness and drinkability (10%) and hops with a touch of citruses providing freshness and foundation. It is no lager, no IPA, no stout, no white beer, merely a beer!

    Its simple design, both plain and remarkable echoes the originality of this newcomer that is at the same time simple and fine. Its design is borrowed from the Tourmentin and includes the famous {c} of our Belgian partners. Its name (the escapee) is poetic and feminine and entices with its adventurous and daring aspects.

    Brewed by the Alps, this beer already tells us a story: everybody involved in its creation contributed a part of his universe to create something common, new and surprising. A beer originating from a vineyard … no doubt the craziest innovation of the 70 year-old Domaines Rouvinez.

An expert opinion

  • Fabian Albrecht, owner of the Hôtel des Alpes in Fiesch and member of the national Swiss beer sommelier team says:
    “A beautiful white foam covers this beer in a delicate manner. A slight shroud covers its pale yellow colour very slightly. In the nose, the citrus scent goes nicely together with the floral note of the hops. Fragrances of spices and honey can also be detected. A soft, sparkling note draped in smoothness is typical of its taste in the mouth. The finish is slightly bitter, long and smooth. This beer creates a wonderful sensation of softness accompanied by a pleasant acidity which gives it a rich freshness. With its 6.3% vol., this beer is surprisingly light and at the same time flavoursome and thirst-quenching. It is the perfect beer to taste among friends as an aperitif, accompany a salad with an acidic sauce or white meat. You’ll want more!”


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